Wednesday, December 29, 2010

guess what

hey guess what. i don't like the snow. yes i have lived here my whole life... IT DOESN'T GET BETTER, it only gets worse. today is the worst day that could ever happen because of the snow (not to mention the five or so times i cried driving in it home from work today).

hey guess what, Christmas was fantastic. everyone keeps asking me how our first Christmas together was... well it was amazing duh! we totally spoiled ourselves... and we created a new tradition of opening our presents on Christmas eve. yes we are children, and no we could not wait.

hey guess what? the counting crows are playing in the mall right now. i didn't know they still existed. like anywhere. ameeeerican girls.

hey guess what... my sister in law lindey is pregnant and due in february. could not be more excited. i have already planned to spend all my spare seconds holding that child.

hey guess what, my other sister in law caitlin is pregnant too--and she is having a girl just like lindey. it's like an overload of fun. babies, babies, babies.

i guess that's really all to say... if i continue everything is going to start getting real sad and snow related. so i'll quit while i'm ahead.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


we suck at this. for now you can look at our tree though... i am a very proud mother to it. yes it is real and flocked, so much better.

i don't think i have been this excited for Christmas since i was ten years old, but it's working for me--and definitely making the winter months go by faster. that and two jobs+school. never fails to keep one busy.

warner is also keeping busy by playing on a basketball league. this is how he keeps his nice figure--that and the kinect. i am such a lucky wife. seriously.

i missed writing about my wonderful husband on his birthday... i tend to write about him a lot though, so i'll keep it short and simple. in a nutshell he is the best human i have ever met. we have opposite but also very similar personalities, and learning how to be married has been so much fun--and will continue to be the rest of our lives. i have come to understand that we will probably never stop learning about marriage or each other. he is kind, generous, and very understanding. sometimes i cant believe how patient he is with me, it's ridiculous. he  becomes a better person everyday, and helps me to be that as well--for that i am forever grateful.

i love you husband, and you are an incredibly handsome 22. hope your birthday was the best one yet.