Tuesday, May 24, 2011

do you want to do something fun? do you want to go to taco bell?

i went to the pool today for 2 hours. it was more than pleasant.

i can't stop pinning on pinterest. there are 7 million things i want to do and make. 

i've been making crafts like crazy. four blankets, a pillow, and two stitched birds. huh?

i do the dishes every two hours because we didn't bring any dishes and i only purchased two bowls, four plates, and cups at target. i go through that many dishes in an hour, (mom and dad, i have finally learned why you hated when i had ten half full cups all over the house).

i cook every night, and i mean every night. we have not eaten out since we have been here, that's a HUGE milestone. 

now i think i'll continue to listen to florence's "heavy in your arms" on repeat some more.

come visit us you guys, k?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


we made it! the cross country drive honestly wasn't too bad, if we discount the two days we spent in cheyenne (most boring town in the world), snow storms and tornado warnings. bleh. really though the drive was not as boring as i thought it might be once we got past nebraska. missouri was probably my favorite, maybe even kentucky?  they looked like this.... and i was not complaining about the awesomeness of the trees.

then, while eating kentucky fried chicken in the parking lot we saw this cutie. yeah... he was a stray and broke my heart. but we fed him and he was nice, and now i want a dog just like him. k thanks warner. 

then we got to missouri and saw the gateway to the west, but in our case the east. that was actually pretty cool, and st. louis was also a really interesting city--even though there was a freeway detour and our gps took us through a one way alley and the scariest road i've ever seen. 

finally we are in nc, enjoying the humidity. wait.. but really, everyone is extremely nice here. i went to target the other day and people were always smiling and being so polite--it made me smile more and be polite, i have rather enjoyed it. southern hospitality is real, go figure. this post has taken me three days to compile due to the fact that we do not have our internet hooked up yet and i am going off the free wifi our apartment has that comes and go continually throughout the day (yes i am constantly looking crazy and moving my laptop throughout the house to gain some sort of signal). so... who knows when my next post will be, but until then--happy summer!

north carolina