Tuesday, October 25, 2011


guys, this is seriously great. i couldn't not share! if you make anything handmade, sign up for this!

i'm getting soooo excited for christmas!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

baby, baby, baby ohhh

as my justinesque title alludes, i am indeed pregnant (hopefully most of you know this by now), seventeen weeks yesterday! warner and i are beyond excited about this change in our lives, and can't wait for this little jarman to come around in march.

a few things we know about this baby thus far--

it has gone through ever fruit and vegetable i know while growing each week. currently it is a sweet potato?

as i found out today, it likes routine and structure. i normally eat a piece of toast as soon as i wake up--but i was distracted today and only got to grab a bag full of dried mangoes to eat on the way to class. baby did not like this--and rejected those mangoes completely--good thing i walked in the door from class before they were rejected. ew.

i don't know this for a fact, but im pretty sure this baby like nicki minaj. actually, i don't know how it couldn't cause she is pretty much all i listen too. (don't worry, it's edited for the most part. i'm not already the worst mom in the world)

i also know this baby is spoiled, is it bad that i already have a huge stockpile of stuff that i probably wont need for like a year? whoops. i can't stop.

this baby reeeeeeally likes salty stuff, or maybe just i do. regardless--that's all i ever want. oh and i suddenly want coffee allofthetime. i have never even had a cup of coffee. seriously, everything i can't have i want so sosososo much.

oh this baby doesn't like math class either (takes after me), it never wants to wake up and go. oh well.