Sunday, May 20, 2012

dear baby o

I am oh so in love with you, little one. Your smiles and coo's make even the very worst days good again. I have learned so much from you already. Forget me teaching you, you are teaching me how to be a mother every day. I've learned that you like your hands and feet uncovered, and that busting out of our swaddle is a nightly routine now. I've learned that bath time will always be the best part of your day (mom and dads too). You've taught me that there really is something better than sleep, and it's your smiles, excited kicking and cooing, even at five am. I've learned that acting like a complete fool for hours on end is totally worth getting a reaction from you. Thanks for being patient with me baby girl, I'm still learning. You are the nicest baby around, your dad and I always wonder how we got so lucky. Happy two months baby olive.

Love your mom