Wednesday, February 29, 2012


so remember that one time when 2012 decided to be leap year, and how i am very, very pregnant by now--and could possibly burst at any second? well my worst nightmare is that this poor child will be born today, of all days, so that she could only count the number of her birthdays on her fingers (i'm a pessimist). warner seems to think it would be great, cause she could have like 3 birthdays every year. i'm not sure what that means exactly, but he seems pretty excited about it.

if you're looking for me during this extra 24 hours i'll either be in bed, walking around very carefully, or staying completely stationary, all in hopes my water doesn't break before midnight.

btw, i don't think im doing this out of complete insanity, the nurse that was monitoring me on monday said my "uterus is irritable". what?! like i want to hear that. what is that supposed to even mean? sorry about all the uterus talk, but seriously i laughed hard. she was way serious.

here's to leap year--and for me personally--not leaping around.