Saturday, January 22, 2011

an ode

to my last day working at harley.
it has definitely been a fun ride... i never thought i would wear a harley shirt, but once again i have been proven wrong. i actually love this sweatshirt. weird.
you have opened my eyes to a lot of... different people i don't think i ever would have met otherwise. thank you. also i have realized that i never want to go to the provo mall again, another thank you. i think the best part about the job was when that short old man came in twice in one day, and first bought a womens wallet--then he came back and bought a hat, and used money from that very womens wallet to pay for it. or maybe it was the time that i accidentally left the gate unlocked all weekend and miraculously no one broke in. wait, wait, i forgot about all the times i almost lost my mind of boredom, and the seeeeeveral shifts i didn't sell a single thing.
it's just been so great. furthermore, thanks for the $8.50 an hour, and for giving me my weekends back. 


  1. only one visit. many gallery visits. one harley visit.