Friday, January 7, 2011


ohh yeah i finally upoloaded the pictures from my camera. now you can see what we have been up to. 


well warner is 22, his golden birthday. therefore, gold wrapped presents. note to self: never use sparlkly wrapping paper again--we continue to be gold and sparkly. 

 best day--when i received my endowment. it was incredible to walk out of the temple and see such a beautiful sunset; favorite. i am so thankful for everyone that was there with me on that day. 

oh and this is just my cutest husband getting ready for his thanksgiving footbawl game. yes that is my hat. the jarman tradition of building gingerbread houses on thanksgiving was a success, i think i maybe loved it a little too much? i am scared that in the coming years i will need to continually top myself; but i really don't plan to spend five plus hours on this every year. uhh.

so yeah. doin stuff. bein married. see ya.


  1. Thank you for pairing stripes and dots together, so you might inspire me to do the same. The end.